Release CSR003 Barry Jamieson Lost in Brooklyn

Barry Jamieson has been at it again. This time with a classic old skool sounding techno track. The "we are melting mix" is a deep techno vibe. The off beat pulsing bass line and riff, drags you away and lets you drift off in the groove of the track. Some modern over tones are scattered around but it keeps its roots in the past. The Naked 303 Mix is even more retro, with flavors from the acid house era thrown in but slightly less peaks than the main mix. Definitely a winner for the techno crowd out there. Due for the release on the 14th of March 2011.

Barry Jamieson - Lost in Brooklyn (We are melting mix) SoundCloud Edit by barry jamieson

Barry Jamieson - Lost In Brooklyn (Naked 303 Mix) Soundcloud edit by barry jamieson

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