Circular Sound Radio on Proton August session

The August session of Circular Sound Radio will be on this coming Tuesday, August 16 th, 2011 at 8 pm EST. This month features a 2 hour set from Barry Jamieson, including an exclusive remix for Kasey Taylor's Similarity, on Vapor Recordings. We also have a featured unreleased track by Sean Cusick. It was originally written and produced by Sean, alongside Evolutions Barry Jamieson and Jon Sutton, back in 2000 - 2001. The track "Diversions" is one of quite a few tracks the trio produced but never got released. Sean had a 10 year writing career with Evolution, that produced some classic tracks released on Viscous Disc, the sister label to Fluid Recordings, owned by Barry and Jon. Aka Evolution. These would include, Karate Porn, Paraiso Obscuro, CB Radio and Out in the shed, which was released on Chris Milo's (DJ Three) Hallucination imprint.
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