Barry Jamieson's Mono Electric Orchestra Debut release on Beatport

This is Barry Jamieson's new project, Mono Electric Orchestra. This is the first released EP containing 2 original tracks (Blunt Force Trauma & Lunar Cycle) from me, as well as a superb Max Cooper remix of Blunt Force Trauma. Released on Manual Music. Out now Exclusively on Beatport, February 13th, 2012. Don't miss this one, it is a classic in the making.

CSR006 Release Date

Release CSR006 Barry Jamieson - Phaze Loop EP

After a little break, Barry is back with another monster release on CSR. The Phaze loop EP is a deep and minimal affair. We have three mixes to choose from, which includes a remix by the masterful Cid Inc, (Replug). The first mix, (Tripped out mix), is a chunky groover that pushes the groove along into a frenzy when the bass drops. Huge! Deep and trippy is the word here. It is sure to move any dance floor. The Mood groove mix has less hype with a deeper vibe but keeping most of the tripped out mix intact. The bass drop is still the moment you'll want to hear.
Cid Inc delivers a superb remix of Phaze Loop. Dark, moody, and hypnotic. A sure crowd pleaser that will deliver every time.

The 4th track to this EP, What if, is a deep, minimal, swampy techno track. Lovely warm tones, and a groove to match, taking you on a journey of wonkiness. Lovely to move too, and sexy to boot. Barry is giving something deep and hypnotic to shake too. Class music.

Barry Jamieson - Phaze Loop (Cid Inc Remix) CSR006C (Snippet) by barry jamieson
Barry Jamieson - Phaze loop (Tripped Out Mix) CSR006A (Snippet) by barry jamieson
Barry Jamieson - Phaze loop (Mood Groove Mix) CSR006B (Snippet) by barry jamieson
Barry Jamieson - What if (Original Mix) CSR006D (Snippet) by barry jamieson

CSR005 Release Date

Release CSR005 Barry Jamieson - Echoboy EP

Barry has finally got his 5th CSR release ready to go. This package is a monster EP, comprising of three tracks. The first of these is the EP titled track, "Echoboy". A deep tripped out techno vibe that bounces along to a nice groove building to a drop that comes out swinging. Very smooth and moody. Track 2 is "Lose Yourself". This is an all out techno funk track. Lots of quirky funk percussive sounds leading to a great switch over in the middle. The last and 3rd track of the Bunch is "A never ending thought". This is something very much Barry's own vibe. Deep techno, with a sprinkle of dub too make it very moody. All leading up to a wonky as fuck sound in the middle that sends it right over the edge. It is something special this one. An EP not to be missed. Due for released July 3rd 2011.
Barry Jamieson - EchoBoy (Original Mix) CSR005A (Snippet) by barry jamieson
Barry Jamieson - Lose Yourself CSR005B (Snippet) by barry jamieson
Barry Jamieson - A never ending thought CSR005C (Snippet) by barry jamieson

CSR004 Release date

CSR003 release date

Release CSR004 Barry Jamieson - Out of Focus

This is the fourth installment from Barry Jamieson, "Out of Focus". This the first of 3 mixes is the original mix. Deep hypnotic and with 2 sides. First drifting along with a deep arpeggiated melody which leads to an ultra low bass drone and beats. Then switching into a chunky but groovy techno vibe that drives it along to a tripped out drop. Really cool and emotional but with a deep underground edge. The second Dub Space mix is more sat back from the Original mix. Still very much on the same tip but less drama and more wonk. Finally the Ambient Dub mix is deep and dubby. Basic channel vibes with delayed sounds and lots of dub space echo and reverbs. Due for release on April 11th 2011.
Barry Jamieson - Out of Focus (Orig Mix) (SoundCloud Edit) by barry jamieson
Barry Jamieson - Out of Focus (Dub Space mix) (SoundCloud edit) by barry jamieson
Barry Jamieson - Out of Focus (Ambient Dub Mix) (SoundCloud Edit) by barry jamieson

Release CSR003 Barry Jamieson Lost in Brooklyn

Barry Jamieson has been at it again. This time with a classic old skool sounding techno track. The "we are melting mix" is a deep techno vibe. The off beat pulsing bass line and riff, drags you away and lets you drift off in the groove of the track. Some modern over tones are scattered around but it keeps its roots in the past. The Naked 303 Mix is even more retro, with flavors from the acid house era thrown in but slightly less peaks than the main mix. Definitely a winner for the techno crowd out there. Due for the release on the 14th of March 2011.

Barry Jamieson - Lost in Brooklyn (We are melting mix) SoundCloud Edit by barry jamieson

Barry Jamieson - Lost In Brooklyn (Naked 303 Mix) Soundcloud edit by barry jamieson

CSR002 release date

Hello 2011!

We've had a great start to the label so far. CSR001 has had huge support from many well know DJ's across the globe. It was featured on John Digweed's Transitions 334 radio show on Proton Radio, and also Steve Parry's Red Zone show on 107.6 Juice FM. Its fun being out there making music again and getting so much positive feedback from the Electronic community. Thank you to everyone out there who has supported such a great start to the label.

Have a great 2011.

Release CSR002 Barry Jamieson The Sound

Here is the second release from Barry Jamieson on CSR. The Sound is a big analog gem of a track. Deep dirty and uplifting when the break drops. There are 2 mixes to choose from. The Original mix is a gritty tripped out mix that lifts in the break with an arpeggiated synth lead that takes the track to the next level. The Stripped Mix is more pulled back and tech house. It still drops in the middle but keeps a lid on things and drives along. Barry has made another floor mover that is sure to bounce any crowd. Due for release in January 2011
Barry Jamieson - The Sound (Orig Mix) Soundcloud Edit by barry jamieson

Barry Jamieson - The Sound (Stripped Mix) Soundcloud edit by barry jamieson

Release CSR001 Barry Jamieson Deckstomper

Finally the day I've been waiting for, the launch of my new label Circular Sound Recordings. This has been a long time coming but the first release has finally arrived.

Deckstomper is a real crowd pleaser. Great groove and a chunky sound help to carry this track and the dance floor. There are 2 mixes available. The Big Room mix is what you would expect. BIG! Lol. The second Stripped mix is a much more DJ friendly and techy sounding. Tons of fun for any crowd.

Barry Jamieson - Deckstomper (Original Mix) SoundCloud edit by barry jamieson

Barry Jamieson - Deckstomper (Stripped Mix) SoundCloud Edit by barry jamieson

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